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Subscription model

Are you someone with no insurance; but wants peace of mind knowing whom to call when you have medical problems? This model might be what you need. It provides you the access you need for you and your family to have your own family nurse practitioner. This helps to give you the very best care you need when you need it at an affordable price. For one hundred dollars a month, you and your three-household family will access a family nurse practitioner who will care for all your medical needs via telemedicine. And if you are local in Brownsville, Texas, and want to come into the clinic, that is also possible. The monthly subscription fee will be two hundred dollars if you have more than three people in your household. This will give access to everyone in your family. The person must live in the same household as the subscriber. You will also have access to educational materials called modules in the personal portal for subscribers only. These modules will have lessons you can read to take care of minor ailments that you might be able to take care of with over-the-counter medication. Register on the main page and click to subscribe.

Virtual medical education one-on-one tutoring

Virtual medical education one-on-one tutoring is available for anyone who might need help and is passionate about being in the medical field. Or are you someone who might be struggling with classes that can help you with your success in the nursing field? Do you need help preparing for your Nclex exam? Then this one-on-one tutoring might be just what you need. Call or send a request via the subscribe button.

Consultant review for VA disability Benefit

Are you a veteran needing help filing your disability benefits claim and being given a run-around? Do you need to know what you could be qualified for? Consultant review is available where you can get professional help to determine what is eligible or not to file for. Click the subscribe or email to schedule a virtual consultation.