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To fulfill our commitment to your family’s health and wellness, we designed healthcare services through our medical clinic.

With our specialization in family medicine, we at Triangle Specialized Family Clinic focus our care on preventative and recovery processes. We see that every family member is being catered to with their needed health care. We also ensure that our medical practitioners have the skills and capabilities to ensure your satisfaction and health enhancement.

Our broad medical practice offers the following services:

As broad as our medical practice is, we also offer the following services:

  • Pediatric care
  • Diagnosis of an illness
  • Treatment for pain and infections
  • Medical management of acute and chronic diseases, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.
  • Veterans Disability Examinations, Reserve Readiness Exams, Periodic Health Assessments (PHA), Separation exams, Virtual Medical Education one-on-one tutoring, Help with Nclex examination preparation, Consultant review for Veterans disability application, Pre-Employment Physical examination, Drug screening, and much more.

For inquiries about our services and how we can serve you, please don’t hesitate to reach us today. We are more than glad to hear from you soon.